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A Strategic Planning Committee consisting of representatives from all public safety divisions and the Office of the Chief Safety Officer met from June through September 2020 to develop a department-wide, five-year strategic plan. The plan includes vision and mission statements, strategic goals that align with those of the institution, objectives, strategies, and action plans.

The strategic plan provides a foundation that will guide the future of safety at the University of Utah. It has been reviewed and accepted by the Strategic Planning Committee, all divisions directors, the Chief Safety Officer, and the Public Safety Advisory Committee.

Vision Statement

"Uniting for a safe and empowered campus community"

Mission Statement

The University of Utah Department of Public Safety cultivates a safe environment by:

  • Uniting with the campus community to implement safety programs that meet our community needs
  • Respectfully empowering students, faculty, staff, patients, and visitors with education, training, and resources
  • Listening to the needs of the campus community with compassion
  • Advocating for underserved populations
  • Fulfilling our responsibilities with integrity, transparency, and accountability

Strategic Plan

Three goals align the institution's strategic goals and values and ensure the department remains focused on its mission.

Goal #1: Achieve Operational Excellence

Develop, grow, and innovate program and service offerings

  • Build capacity to meet service goals
  • Engage in program planning, design, and evaluation
  • Invest in technology and IT infrastructure
  • Update and expand operations to meet the needs of the community

Improve business processes and systems for consistency and to increase efficiencies

  • Implement organized and centralized electronic data management systems
  • Improve internal communication and transparency within department
  • Streamline business processes

Focus on professional standards

  • Develop a centralized accreditation function to lead and support achieving accreditation
  • Invest in certifications to improve expertise and service capabilities
  • Join and maintain memberships with professional organizations
Goal #2: Strengthen Trust With the Community

Commit to community service and engagement

  • Increase involvement with community organizations
  • Participate in/lead/oversee safety-related campus committees
  • Strengthen and expand community-oriented programming

Strengthen accountability and transparency

  • Develop a comprehensive two-way communication strategy to listen, respond, and inform the community
  • Include the community in development and oversight of public safety functions
  • Increase standards and expectations of professional behavior

Support student and community education and development

  • Create ongoing education, prevention, and awareness campaigns
  • Develop department-wide student involvement strategy
  • Engage in academic educational opportunities
Goal #3: Invest in Talent Development

Enhance professional development and training

  • Create a centralized internal development unit to expand and refine unit capacity and standardize knowledge and methodologies for service
  • Demonstrate competency and expertise

Recruit, hire, and retain individuals who support the department's mission and represent the diversity of the community we serve

  • Update recruitment strategies to attract more qualified and diverse applicants
  • Create an environment that supports retention of quality employees
  • Utilize university resources to foster a culture that supports the department's mission


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