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Home Safety Tips and FAQ

Responsibility for a crime lies with the person committing it; however, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of experiencing crime. Read these prevention tips to learn more.

  • Call 911 immediately if you ever feel you are in an emergency situation.

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How to make a police report?
To make a police report, call the University of Utah Police at 801-585-2677 and ask to speak with an officer. This request will create a call log, which will show the date, time, and nature of your complaint. After speaking with an officer, you will receive instructions on next steps.

How can I register my bicycle or electronic devices?
We recommend using the U Police online property registration system to record the serial number of valuable property such as bikes and laptops. This will make it easier to recover your property if it is stolen. To register your bicycle, click here.

Do you have a fingerprinting service?

Fingerprinting services are available by appointment only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-12pm and from 1pm-4pm.  Walk-ins are available on Wednesdays from 12pm-4pm.

The cost for fingerprinting is $10.00 for the first card and $7.00 for each additional card.  You will also need to bring a state issued ID, such as a driver’s license or a passport for your identification.  If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us at 801-581-8403.

To schedule an appointment online please visit:

Login:      Password: Fingerprints1658**

How can I get information about a police incident I was involved in?
University Police Records maintains and distributes information on any case the department creates. To use this service, call 801-585-2677 and ask for the records unit.

Some of my property was booked into evidence by your department. How do I get it back?
Evidence in cases can vary in time and is normally a case by case situation. Contact U Police at 801-585-2677 for information about your case.

Can I schedule a safety-related presentation?
Yes. University Police offers several safety-related presentations throughout the year. U Police Lieutenant Ryan Speers leads efforts to engage with students and campus partners in safety events and educational projects. Contact Ryan Speers at for initiatives focused on personal safety, mental health, and self-defense. Members of the U community can also schedule presentations online.

I have a question about parking regulations or a parking ticket I received. Who do I talk to?
Parking services is a separate entity from the department of Public Safety. You will need to call Commuter Services at 801-581-6415.