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2nd Annual Utah Campus Safety Summit

This month we held the 2nd Annual Utah Campus Safety Summit. This event was launched last year to provide a platform for stakeholders working on school safety issues to share information, ideas, and best practices. Proactively preventing harm Our responsibility to keep all members of our educational communities safe has never been more challenging, as […]

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Cyber kidnapping warning

In light of a recent “cyber kidnapping” in Utah involving a 17-year-old foreign exchange student from China, the University of Utah Department of Public Safety cautions all campus community members, especially international students, to be mindful of these types of scams.  In a cyber or virtual kidnapping scam, the perpetrator convinces a person their family […]

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Exemplary service, compassion shine bright at annual awards banquet

In a solemn and heartfelt ceremony, the University of Utah Department of Public Safety recently held its annual awards banquet, recognizing individuals whose unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions have significantly enhanced the safety and well-being of the university community. Among the recipients, Sergeant Cody McGuire was posthumously awarded the Exemplary Performance Citation, a tribute to […]

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University bolsters campus equity with new appointments

The University of Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) has added critical expertise to its Racist and Bias Incident Response Team (RBIRT) to better provide coordinated and thoughtful responses to incidents on campus. Rebecca Titze will serve as special assistant to the chief safety officer. Ana Ascencio will serve as program manager for RBIRT. “We […]

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Home Security Safety Tips

Home security is important not only for those living off-campus but also for those living on-campus! There are multiple ways you can immediately improve your safety. It is crucial to update your home security to protect yourself and others in the community!

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