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Self Defense R.A.D. Class


The R.A.D. class is a program to help women learn self-defense tactics and techniques. The next available classes are Tuesday nights during the month of June.

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Redefining the role: why “peace officers” embody productivity and positivity

For some community members, especially those of marginalized backgrounds, the presence of police officers can cause them to feel unwelcome, unwanted, and unsafe. The introduction of peace officers felt like an important step to create a more trusting and genuine relationship between officers and campus community members.  What is a peace officer? The term “peace […]

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Introducing “The Dispatch”, the Department of Public Safety’s newsletter

I am excited to announce the launch of the Department of Public Safety’s new newsletter, The Dispatch. Our department has made significant changes over the years, and we believe that better communication across campus is essential as we build a safer and more united campus community. The Dispatch will provide updates on our department’s activities, […]

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Chief Safety Officer responds to ESPN+ documentary

ESPN+ released a documentary about the 2018 murder of Lauren McCluskey. That has some people asking important questions about what the University of Utah has done to prevent a similar tragedy from happening ever again. Keith Squires, who led the investigation into how the U’s department of public safety handled the investigation, discusses the long […]

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