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Report suspicious activity to campus police


Report suspicious activity to campus police

[Thursday, March 5, 2021 ]

This week campus police received a report about suspicious activity occurring on campus in which individuals invited a student to attend a Bible study group in the Union in the middle of the night. Shortly after receiving the initial report, campus police received several additional reports of similar activity. These reports indicate that over the past month, female students have been approached by individuals about joining a Bible study group, believed to be part of the “God the Mother” group.

This group has been named in an online hoax about human trafficking, but these reports have been unsubstantiated. Similar behavior has occurred on college campuses across the nation for several years and has not been connected to any criminal activity. Campus police are continuing to gather information and coordinate with external law enforcement entities but have no evidence that these incidents are connected to human trafficking or any other illegal activity.

While this behavior is legal and protected on campus, it has been alarming and concerning to students. Police are actively attempting to locate and identify these individuals to learn more about their intentions and discuss their approaches. In most reported instances, there have been two individuals involved, with at least one being a woman. Incidents have occurred in and around the Union, Gardner Commons, and the Campus Store.

Anyone who has information about this or who witnesses suspicious behavior or feels concern for their safety should contact police immediately at 801-585-2677.

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