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Attempted robbery on campus – Oct. 22

Attempted robbery on campus – Oct. 22

Wednesday Oct 28, 2020

  • University Police today arrested the suspect from the attempted robbery that took place near Stadium TRAX on Thursday October 22, 2020. The suspect is now being booked into jail.
  • Information about support resources for the campus community are available at

Friday Oct 23, 2020

  • Detectives are continuing to investigate in an effort to identify the person of interest and have been in touch with the victim and the UTA Police Department to obtain more details on the case. A university Crisis Support Specialist will be working with the victim to make support resources available.
  • An update will be provided at on Thursday, October 29, unless there are significant developments in the case.

Thursday Oct 22, 2020

The following is a safety message for our campus community.

  • On Thursday, October 22, 2020, at 1:54 pm, the University of Utah Police Department was notified of an attempted strong-armed robbery that occurred near Stadium TRAX.
  • The victim, who is a University of Utah student, reported that between 11:00 am and 11:30 am, an individual attempted to take their backpack by force. The person of interest then got back on TRAX and left campus.
  • The University Police Department is actively investigating this case in conjunction with the UTA Police Department. Additional patrols are taking place in an effort to prevent further victimization. If anyone has information regarding this incident, please contact University Police at 801-585-2677.

  Description of the person of interest

  • The person of interest is described as a thin-build male of dark complexion, wearing a camouflage jacket, black hoodie under the jacket, jeans, black and gray high-top tennis shoes, with a tattoo by one of his eyes. He is known to have changed clothing. He was last seen wearing a red and black Chicago Bulls jacket.

  Prevention and safety tips

  • This safety warning is being issued as part of the University of Utah’s efforts to provide timely notifications about serious or ongoing threats to the campus community. While it may be distressing to learn about this incident, it is being shared so you can best protect yourself. Responsibility for a crime lies with the person committing it; however, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of experiencing crime. Please remember to:
    • Use the U’s SafeRide program or a courtesy escort (main campus: 801-585-2677; University Hospital: 801-581-2294) to get around campus.
    • Let a family member or friend know when you’re going somewhere and your estimated time of arrival or return. This allows them to notify police as quickly as possible if there is a problem.
    • Stay aware — If you feel uneasy, leave the area. Go to a safe location and notify University Police at 801-585-2677, or in case of an emergency, dial 911.
    • Take care of one another and consider stopping and being present until help arrives in situations where someone may be experiencing harm. The person causing harm may stop if other people are around.
    • Report any suspicious activities to University Police at 801-585-2677. Be prepared to provide as many details as possible.
    • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid distractions, especially when walking alone. Try to avoid isolated or dark areas. Walk in groups whenever you can — there is safety in numbers.
    • If a person approaches you in a way that makes you uncomfortable, maintain a distance and be observant; if they are in a vehicle, get the license plate number, make, model, color, and any additional identifiers, such as damage to the vehicle and direction of flight, if possible.
    • More tips for preventing theft and retrieving stolen property are available here.

  Support and resources